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Interreg Greece-Bulgaria

About eTourist

Project: “Promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage of Bulgarian – Greek cross-border region through smart and digital tools”, with acronym "eTOURIST" Subsidy contract № В2.6с.07/09.10.2017, financed under the INTERREG V-A Cooperation Program "Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020".
Project overall objective is to promote & develop cultural & natural heritage, gastronomy & wine in CB area Haskovo-Evros for tourist purposes. 
Specific objectives:
1) Assessment of cultural & natural heritage sites & traditional culinary & wine important for tourist purposes in Haskovo-Evros region;
2) Support for development of natural & cultural heritage, traditional culinary & wine in Haskovo-Evros;
3) Cultural & natural heritage of CB area Haskovo–Evros - closer to tourists;
5) Promoting cultural & natural heritage of CB area;
6) Improved knowledge on CB traditional culinary & wine
Work package 1: Project Management & Coordination
Work package 2: Communication & Dissemination
Work package 3: Integrated eTOURIST methodology for cultural & natural sites and for traditional culinary & wine
Work package 4: Development of eTOURIST package
Work package 5: Valorization of Haskovo-Evros traditional culinary & wine
Work package 6: eTOURIST on the global tourism market
Expected results
Work package 1
- 6 partners' meetings
- preparation of progress reports
Work package 2
- 2 press conferences
- 1 Final scientific conference
- 1000 information brochures
- 1 project logo
- 2 information boards
- 2 banners
- Catalogue
- 1 video for cultural & natural heritage in CB region
- 30 media publications for project promotion, social media presentation of eTOURIST & the project
Work package 3
- 1 study of sites of natural & cultural heritage in Haskovo - Evros CB region & identification of sites of high importance for the area related to their valorization for tourist purposes
- 1 study of traditional culinary & wine of Haskovo-Evros region
- 1 integrated e-TOURIST methodology for Bulgarian & Greek sites
Work package 4
- Developed 1 eTOURIST package, incl. 1 application for smart devices for CB cultural & natural sites, gastronomy & wine - eTOURIST;1 interactive digital web portal "Cultural & natural heritage of Haskovo-Evros"; digitalized cultural & natural sites important for CB area; digitalized traditional culinary & wine; developed video tours for cultural & natural sites, for traditional recipes & wine important for CB area
Work package 5
- 3 trainings for valorization of traditional culinary & wine
- 2 CB festivals on traditional culinary&wine
Work package 6
- eTOURIST promotion on international tourist exhibition
Project beneficiaries:
- Lead Beneficiary: Regional Municipalities Association “Maritza”
- Project Beneficiary 3: Ethnological Museum of Thrace - Aggeliki Giannakidou
Period of implementation: 09/10/2017 - 08/10/2019

Tourism has become an economic and social phenomenon in the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people. It covers not only their freedom of movement, but also is an important form of leisure activities and essential tool to establish contacts. This united the partners in the development and implementation of this project.
Through its activities, the project aims to increase the attractiveness of regional tourism by developing e-tourism solutions using state-of-the-art information technologies, such as:
- eTOURIST application development for mobile devices, which provides tourists with detailed information on the cultural, natural, culinary and wine destinations of the targeted cross-border region;
- Development of an interactive digital portal "Cultural and natural heritage of Haskovo - Evros" which presents objects of natural and cultural heritage, culinary temptations and wine from the regions of Haskovo and Evros in an innovative and attractive way
We believe that the Maritza-Evros region will be presented in the global network in an unprecedented way, impressive and intriguing, in another light – respectful


Events from the two border regionsParticipation of eTOURIST team at the ITF Holiday & Spa Expo Sofia, 2020
Participation of eTOURIST team at the ITF Holiday & Spa Expo Sofia, 2020

In the period February 13-15, the partners of the eTOURIST project took part in the ITF Holiday ...

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5th Project meeting on the project “eTOURIST”
5th Project meeting on the project “eTOURIST”

On 10.05.2019 in Komotini, Greece, the 5th Project meeting on the project „Promotion and development of natural and ...

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On 10.05.2019 in Komotini, Greece, the 5th Project meeting on the project „Promotion and development of natural and ...

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Promoting and developing the natural and cultural heritage of the Bulgarian-Greek cross-border region through smart and electronic instruments - eTOURIST"INTERREG V-A Cooperation Program Greece - Bulgaria" 2014-2020

The main objective of the project is to promote and develop the cultural and natural heritage and heritage related to traditional foods and wine in the Haskovo-Evros region.

European UnionThe project is implemented with the financial support of the EU